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Welcome to Best PHP Scripts !!! If you are a PHP programmer it could be very difficult to find good quality open source scripts from millions of scripts spread over internet. Here you can find some nice collection of best php scripts which you will need to use them at some point of time or other. This site deals only with PHP scripts and most PHP scripts listed here are free of charge and are licenced under open source GPL or even lesser license. PHP is a very popular language and most websites are made in PHP rather than the traditional html.

Best PHP Scripts Collection

Script Name License Category Rating
MyOWNSpace Free Social Networking
Dolphin Free Social Networking
AROUND Me Free Social Networking
PhpFoX Commercial Social Networking
Elgg Free Social Networking
PHP Open Chat Free Live Chat Scripts
PHP Web Proxy Free Proxy Scripts
Gallery Free Image Galleries
DZOIC Handshakes Commercial Social Networking
PG Social Networking Commercial Social Networking
Flight Feather Free Social Networking
PHP Login Script Free Login Management
OpenPNE Free Social Networking
Jcow - Open Source Social Networking Script Free Social Networking
iScripts Socialware Commercial Social Networking
PHP Link Directory Commercial Directory Scripts
htPasswd Free Login Management
PHP Gallery Free Image Galleries
webNetwork Social Networking Script Commercial Social Networking
UPU File Uploader Free File Upload Scripts
PHP Quick Arcade Free Arcade Game Scripts
PhpMyLogon Free Login Management
SocialEngine Commercial Social Networking
phpMyVisites Free Website Statistics
phpBB Forum Free Forum Scripts
Open Auto Classifieds Free Classifieds Scripts
i-Net Online Community Commercial Social Networking
PHP121 Messenger Commercial Live Chat Scripts
PHP Mailer Free Forms and Emailing
phpMyBackupPro Free MySQL Backup
OpenX Free Advertising Scripts
PHP User Management & Authentication Free Login Management
Wordpress Free Blog Scripts
SocialEngine PHP Community Script Commercial Social Networking
OpenNewsLetter Free Newsletter Scripts
Philtron Proxy Free Proxy Scripts
AlstraSoft E-Friends Commercial Social Networking
OurSpace Commercial Social Networking
IndexScript Free Directory Scripts
BuddyPress Free Social Networking
OpenCart Free Shopping Carts
PHP Free Chat Free Live Chat Scripts
GameSiteScript Commercial Arcade Game Scripts
Egglue Semantic CAPTCHA Free CAPTCHA Scripts
AzDGDatingLite Free Dating Scripts
Bloly Blog Script Free Blog Scripts
Crafty Syntax Live Help Free Live Chat Scripts
Aboutme Social Networking Commercial Social Networking
GBook Free GuestBook Scripts
GMOA Arcade Script Commercial Arcade Game Scripts
Simple Articles Free Articles Scripts
PHP Base Library Free Library Classes
Site Sift Script Free Directory Scripts
Auto MySQL Backup Free MySQL Backup
PHP Simple Authentication Free Login Management
PHP Login & User Management Commercial Login Management
phpGraphy Free Image Galleries
Joovili Commercial Social Networking

Premium Advertising

okPHP Social Networking
Community/Social Network script


reefLESS Classifieds Software

Boonex Dolphin

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